The Beatrice Watson-Acheson Foundation is named in remembrance of the founder, J. Cameron Watson and his mother, Beatrice.

Beatrice was a very caring teacher, and Cameron, a philanthropic Scarborough orchardist, both shared a love for all animals and nature. These two kind and compassionate people sought to better the lives of all living creatures by teaching respect and kindness, and encouraged others to develop empathy towards all life.

After 32 years, our school curriculum continues to be known as The Kindness Program, and we still offer our Values through Humane Education Program free of charge.

Buddy and Misty were part of the Animal Appreciation Program that started in Scarborough’s school system in 1973. They were the first two dogs in Scarborough. Buddy and Misty visited thousands of children in the elementary grades as part of our kindness program which teaches kindness and responsibility for pets and all creatures.