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Tribute to Mya

Mary-Anne Higgins's Kindness Dog

In tribute to Mya. Our family member and Kindness Dog.
09/05/08 - 12/19/17

My husband and I brought Mya home with us when she was a puppy. She quickly became our whole world. She was there as a best friend to our very young children. She was very much a part of how we defined our family. Mya was exceptional.

We could trust her in any and every situation to act almost human about everything. I can tell you she never made a mistake in her life. She was an integral part of our family and shaped our souls in a way that only a special animal can. She taught our family about love, compassion, humanity, responsibility, trust, loyalty, selflessness, dignity, the list goes on. My husband didn’t have pets growing up and Mya showed him how much they truly add to our lives and make us better people. My children got the best dog to learn from as babies, toddlers and young children. For me, I had always had many different animals growing up, large and small. Mya exceeded all of my expectations and showed me just what their souls are capable of. I knew I never wanted to know a life that she wasn’t a part of.

Mya became a Kindness dog at the age of 8 and she walked onto the job as if she was born to do it. I had no doubts she would shine. The students, teachers and administration in each school we visited loved her instantly as she leaned on their legs for them to pat her and talk to her. She would sit still and erect as a statue staring into my eyes as I taught the classes. Or she would lay down for a nap. She showed the children how kind and dignified animals are and helped them feel comfortable around her. I’m so very sad she didn’t have more time to be a Kindness dog because the role suited her completely.

Thank you Mya for everything you gave to us all. It was a privilege.

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