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Tribute to Coda

Janet Hughes's Kindness Dog

Remembering Coda
20/11/01 - 18/08/18

Coda was a confident, friendly and outgoing and cuddly guy who was larger than life. He lived his whole life with multiple standard poodles and always held his own. No one ever told him he was little.

He rode in boats, played relentlessly, pranced around like royalty at dog parks and most of all enjoyed flipping on his back for tummy rubs from anyone. He became a kindness dog accompanying his 'sister' April and was always referred to as her puppy even though he was four years her senior.

The kids and teachers loved him and he so enjoyed their affection and kind words. His calmness, friendliness and bravery walking down hallways packed with so many kids managed to dispel a lot of beliefs about the personalities of little dogs. He taught many about the special care needed in handling small animals. He was wonderful in his role and enjoyed the times he went to school.

He was with us for nearly 17 years. He knew my kids as teenagers and was there through the toddler years of my grandchildren. He was the dog they first walked on a leash. It is hard to remember an event or day that he wasn't part of our family.

Goodbye Coda, thanks for being such a perfect little dog every single day.

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