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Unfortunately, this map is no longer available.
The list of submissions can still be found below.

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Step NumberNameTown/City
Footsteps 1 - 757 are here.
758Riley D.Whitby, ON
759Liam H.Whitby, ON
760Nathan H.Whitby, ON
761Jared D.Whitby, ON
762Gregory V.Whitby, ON
763Kheri W.Whitby, ON
764Allyson R.Whitby, ON
765Emma T.Whitby, ON
766Brittney F.Whitby, ON
767Sumaya S.Whitby, ON
768Jade A.Whitby, ON
769Kristina C.Whitby, ON
770Kyle D.Whitby, ON
771Christina R.Whitby, ON
772Kyle V.Whitby, ON
773Cole N.Whitby, ON
774Taylor M.Whitby, ON
775Madeline L.Whitby, ON
776Thyley R.Whitby, ON
777Sidrah P.Whitby, ON
778Samantha M.R.Whitby, ON
779Sarah R.Whitby, ON
780Sim B.Whitby, ON
781Ade C.Whitby, ON
782Iain D.Whitby, ON
783Andrew A.Whitby, ON
784Jonathan M.Whitby, ON
785CharissWhitby, ON
786Jack B.Whitby, ON
787Matthew S.Whitby, ON
788Aydan H.Whitby, ON
789Nineesha A.Whitby, ON
790James W.Whitby, ON
791Ruben C.Whitby, ON
792Nicole M.Whitby, ON
793GraceWhitby, ON
794Brigitte G.Whitby, ON
795Teneil D.Whitby, ON
796BreannaFrankford, ON
797BrookeFrankford, ON
798AlyssaFrankford, ON
799Eric P.Bowmanville, ON
800Ashley L.Bowmanville, ON
801Megan R.Bowmanville, ON
802Ayron M.Bowmanville, ON
803Emilyne B.Bowmanville, ON
804VictoriaBowmanville, ON
805Madison R.Bowmanville, ON
806WillworthBowmanville, ON
807QurawnBowmanville, ON
808Brandon C.Bowmanville, ON
809Maddy H.Bowmanville, ON
810Eric H.Bowmanville, ON
811Randi-Lyn C.Bowmanville, ON
812Rachel P.Bowmanville, ON
813Cameron B.Bowmanville, ON
814Cameron O.Bowmanville, ON
815MarianBowmanville, ON
816DerekBowmanville, ON
817Gregory E.Bowmanville, ON
818Jordan G.Bowmanville, ON
819JaydenBowmanville, ON
820Dylan K.Bowmanville, ON
821DaltonBowmanville, ON
822Marina F.Oshawa, ON
823Abbey C.Castleton, ON
824Ava W.Castleton, ON
825Sophie P.Castleton, ON
826Madi W.Castleton, ON
827Dawson C.Castleton, ON
828Alec E.Castleton, ON
829Martina C.Castleton, ON
830Bobbi R.Castleton, ON
831Riley C.Castleton, ON
832Liam R.Castleton, ON
833Scott J.Castleton, ON
834Valerie D.Castleton, ON
835Shannon W.Castleton, ON
836Erica F.Castleton, ON
837Colin G.Castleton, ON
838Rebecca D.Castleton, ON
839Aleya W.Castleton, ON
840Dylan R.Castleton, ON
841Kelby B.Castleton, ON
842Liam P.Castleton, ON
843Chris H.Castleton, ON
844Chase B.Castleton, ON
845Shawn S.Castleton, ON
846Loghan W.Castleton, ON
847Jackson M.Castleton, ON
848Jessica S.Castleton, ON
849Kaitlin W.Castleton, ON
850Taylor M.Castleton, ON
851Easton K.Castleton, ON
852Crawford K.Castleton, ON
853Leanne H.Castleton, ON
854Natasha L.Castleton, ON
855Morgan M.Castleton, ON
856Christopher M.Castleton, ON
857Autumn T.Castleton, ON
858Breanna C.Castleton, ON
859Kayleigh W.Castleton, ON
860Austin M.Castleton, ON
861Chasin B.Castleton, ON
862Jacob C.Castleton, ON
863Kirsten M.Castleton, ON
864Alana B.Castleton, ON
865Alexia G.Whitby, ON
866Dayna N.Whitby, ON
867Jacob A.Whitby, ON
868Sophia S.Whitby, ON
869JessicaWhitby, ON
870Malcolm O.Whitby, ON
871KemarWhitby, ON
872ThomasWhitby, ON
873McKayla S.Whitby, ON
874Sarah B.Whitby, ON
875TomasWhitby, ON
876OliviaWhitby, ON
877ShaymaWhitby, ON
878KaylynWhitby, ON
879HaileyWhitby, ON
880HannahWhitby, ON
881ConnorWhitby, ON
882KaceyWhitby, ON
883ZacharyWhitby, ON
884ColeWhitby, ON
885AmeliaWhitby, ON
886Emily T.Whitby, ON
887DylanWhitby, ON
888KamiWhitby, ON
889KimmyWhitby, ON
890RyanWhitby, ON
891Liam H.Whitby, ON
892MelanieWhitby, ON
893StefanWhitby, ON
894Sophia E.Whitby, ON
895BroganWhitby, ON
896AlyssaWhitby, ON
897FadelWhitby, ON
898JehmalWhitby, ON
899LauraWhitby, ON
900AbigailWhitby, ON
901DanielWhitby, ON
902MiaWhitby, ON
903MadiwaWhitby, ON
904JuliaWhitby, ON
905AshleeWhitby, ON
906AshleyWhitby, ON
907TayaWhitby, ON
908KaelynWhitby, ON
909JamieWhitby, ON
910KaleyWhitby, ON
911Imman E.Whitby, ON
912Ethan W.Whitby, ON
913Matthew C.Whitby, ON
914Rhys B.Whitby, ON
915Tommy H.Whitby, ON
916LoriWhitby, ON
917AndrewWhitby, ON
918LukeWhitby, ON
919HannaWhitby, ON
920NikhilanWhitby, ON
921EmmaWhitby, ON
922FinnWhitby, ON
923AngelicaWhitby, ON
924Robyn L.Whitby, ON
925DestineeWhitby, ON
926Christian M.Whitby, ON
927Alice H.Whitby, ON
928Josh D.Whitby, ON
929Annabelle W.Whitby, ON
930FaithWhitby, ON
931Jess M.Whitby, ON
932Bailey F.Whitby, ON
933Megan A.Whitby, ON
934Matthew L.Whitby, ON
935Nathaniel M.Whitby, ON
936CarlyWhitby, ON
937Jessica C.Whitby, ON
938Brittany P.Whitby, ON
939Danielle L.Whitby, ON
940Bryn L.Whitby, ON
941Berry M. S.Whitby, ON
942Liam M.Whitby, ON
943Sebastian S. S.Whitby, ON
944Aidan B.Whitby, ON
945Ceili M.Whitby, ON
946Nikita H.Whitby, ON
947David M.Whitby, ON
948Miranda P.Whitby, ON
949Hudson K.Whitby, ON
950Stephanie C.Whitby, ON
951Shannon L.Whitby, ON
952AlexandraWhitby, ON
953IsaiahWhitby, ON
954DeshaunWhitby, ON
955AllisterWhitby, ON
956JayWhitby, ON
957OliviaWhitby, ON
958RoryWhitby, ON
959JaredWhitby, ON
960AidanWhitby, ON
961AleshaWhitby, ON
962MalaikaWhitby, ON
963ErinWhitby, ON
964MartynaWhitby, ON
965EmmaWhitby, ON
966CameronWhitby, ON
967MitchellWhitby, ON
968Justin J.Whitby, ON
969Kyle P.Whitby, ON
970Aquila B.Whitby, ON
971Ryan C.Whitby, ON
972Rhiannon T.Whitby, ON
973Xavier B.Whitby, ON
974Chase N.Whitby, ON
975Sammie H.Whitby, ON
976Jacob S.Whitby, ON
977Madelyn P. M.Whitby, ON
978Adam R.Whitby, ON
979Amy D.Whitby, ON
980Tessa J. M.Whitby, ON
981Blanca K.Whitby, ON
982Imman E.Whitby, ON
983Jake C.Whitby, ON
984Kate A.Whitby, ON
985JasmeetWhitby, ON
986Paige H.Whitby, ON
987Jade M.Whitby, ON
988Monique M.Whitby, ON
989Ben G.Whitby, ON
990Chantal L.Whitby, ON
991Duncan C.Whitby, ON
992MarkWhitby, ON
993BradlyWhitby, ON
994SamWhitby, ON
995Simon L.Whitby, ON
996IzabelleWhitby, ON
997Cheyenne W.Whitby, ON
998AlecWhitby, ON
999TraceyWhitby, ON
1000KennedyWhitby, ON
1001Eden C.Whitby, ON
1002Emma B.Whitby, ON
1003Riley E.Whitby, ON
1004IzabelleWhitby, ON
1005BenWhitby, ON
1006Jacob H.Whitby, ON
1007Nicky S.Whitby, ON
1008Janet U.Whitby, ON
1009Kyle B.Whitby, ON
1010Emma P.Whitby, ON
1011Felicia V.Whitby, ON
1012SashaWhitby, ON
1013BenWhitby, ON
1014AidanWhitby, ON
1015Hayden K.Whitby, ON
1016LaurenWhitby, ON
1017OliviaWhitby, ON
1018TyreenWhitby, ON
1019KishWhitby, ON
1020HannahWhitby, ON
1021Caneisha E.Whitby, ON
1022Josh A.Campbellcroft, ON
1023EricaBowmanville, ON
1024TristanBowmanville, ON
1025EmmaBowmanville, ON
1026LiamBowmanville, ON
1027TrinityBowmanville, ON
1028JessaBowmanville, ON
1029VictoriaBowmanville, ON
1030GillianBowmanville, ON
1031JaidaBowmanville, ON
1032EvanBowmanville, ON
1033BrunoBowmanville, ON
1034GarethPontypool, ON
1035SophieOrono, ON
1036JaydenCourtice, ON
1037Devon H.Scarborough, ON
1038Thivian V.Scarborough, ON
1039Kanisha S.Scarborough, ON
1040MarkScarborough, ON
1041Kabina R.Scarborough, ON
1042AshleyScarborough, ON
1043Jasmine R.Scarborough, ON
1044Chelsea W.Scarborough, ON
1045SeantriceScarborough, ON
1046ThaissanScarborough, ON
1047KaranScarborough, ON
1048Sajitha G.Scarborough, ON
1049TehreemScarborough, ON
1050ZamryScarborough, ON
1051Vonn G.Scarborough, ON
1052Destiny B.Scarborough, ON
1053Jainish J.Scarborough, ON
1054AmsanaaScarborough, ON
1055Taija E.Scarborough, ON
1056Sharuga S.Scarborough, ON
1057AjaylalScarborough, ON
1058Shobina S.Scarborough, ON
1059Suranutha T.Scarborough, ON
1060Mahin G.Scarborough, ON
1061Maria R.Scarborough, ON
1062TameraScarborough, ON
1063Maykah L.Scarborough, ON
1064Lydia A.Scarborough, ON
1065Miranda A.Scarborough, ON
1066Abira S.Scarborough, ON
1067Thiveya K.Scarborough, ON
1068Juliet R.Scarborough, ON
1069Varinica L.Scarborough, ON
1070Sooria N.Scarborough, ON
1071ReannaScarborough, ON
1072Kirushika K.Scarborough, ON
1073Purusoth M.Scarborough, ON
1074Saveena P.Scarborough, ON
1075Kylie M.Grafton, ON
1076JackWhitby, ON
1077AnnabellaWhitby, ON
1078KeeanWhitby, ON
1079ColtonWhitby, ON
1080HannahWhitby, ON
1081AidanWhitby, ON
1082LiamWhitby, ON
1083JackWhitby, ON
1084Jack S.Whitby, ON
1085SavanaWhitby, ON
1086MansicWhitby, ON
1087HannahWhitby, ON
1088JazminWhitby, ON
1089EvelynWhitby, ON
1090KatelynnWhitby, ON
1091MacKenzieWhitby, ON
1092AshleyWhitby, ON
1093Audrey F.Whitby, ON
1094KateWhitby, ON
1095MollyWhitby, ON
1096IsaiahWhitby, ON
1097RicardoWhitby, ON
1098AureyanaWhitby, ON
1099Eden T.Collingwood, ON
1100RyanCollingwood, ON
1101Tristyn G.Collingwood, ON
1102Emily N.Collingwood, ON
1103Maddy E.Collingwood, ON
1104Andrew B.Collingwood, ON
1105Sheldon S.Collingwood, ON
1106Hazen M.Collingwood, ON
1107DevonCollingwood, ON
1108HaileyCollingwood, ON
1109Anissa P.Collingwood, ON
1110Meghan C.Collingwood, ON
1111Shelby A.Collingwood, ON
1112Owen L.Collingwood, ON
1113Keegan T.Collingwood, ON
1114Sierra H.Collingwood, ON
1115Abigail I.Collingwood, ON
1116Conner H.Collingwood, ON
1117Meghan A.Collingwood, ON
1118Brodie F.Collingwood, ON
1119Abdul Y.Ajax, ON
1120T.J.Ajax, ON
1121Darian S.Ajax, ON
1122DevenAjax, ON
1123Kevin H.Ajax, ON
1124RyanAjax, ON
1125Taylor K.Ajax, ON
1126LoganAjax, ON
1127Dhrumi P.Scarborough, ON
1128VigneshScarborough, ON
1129Abdulkarm N.Scarborough, ON
1130Israr A.Scarborough, ON
1131Adarsh P.Scarborough, ON
1132Kshitij D.Scarborough, ON
1133SaksaiScarborough, ON
1134Janice X.Scarborough, ON
1135Het P.Scarborough, ON
1136Aryun P.Scarborough, ON
1137Dhrumik P.Scarborough, ON
1138Nimit V.Scarborough, ON
1139Himani P.Scarborough, ON
1140AhmedScarborough, ON
1141NetraScarborough, ON
1142RohanScarborough, ON
1143Mya R.Scarborough, ON
1144Tammy Y.Scarborough, ON
1145Sadia F.Scarborough, ON
1146Vedangi P.Scarborough, ON
1147DevalScarborough, ON
1148Jay B.Scarborough, ON
1149Enci W.Scarborough, ON
1150TayyabScarborough, ON
1151Shaksi J.Scarborough, ON
1152Obie R.Scarborough, ON
1153Vrund P.Scarborough, ON
1154JayanthanScarborough, ON
1155JameelScarborough, ON
1156Samiul H.Scarborough, ON
1157Aaron G.Scarborough, ON