What We Learned From Mrs. Yip and Mistral

Students from Grade 3/4 at Emily Carr Public School, Scarborough, Ontario, comment on Mistral and Mrs. Yip's visit to their classroom.

  1. We learned to be nice to animals.
  2. Mistral loves to chase things like cats.
  3. Mrs. Yip told us that animals have computer chips in them so when they get lost they scan them so they know who to call.
  4. Mrs. Yip said to be kind to each other.
  5. Mrs. Yip said to always keep the leash on the animals.

By Freedom (Gr. 3)

  1. You should always respect your animals and pets because they have feelings too.
  2. You should never let your dogs or pets off the leash because they may run away or chase animals.
  3. You should always scoop your dog's or pet's waste because you don't want to put your dog or pet's waste on someone else's property.
  4. You should take your dog or your pet to the vet for a check up.
  5. You should go to the animal shelter if your dog or your pet gets lost. That's the best place to find him/her.

By Upasna (Gr. 3)

  1. What I learned from Mrs. Yip is that you should be nice to pets.
  2. You should take good care of pets to keep them healthy.
  3. You need to take it for walks and feed it, also take it to the washroom.
  4. Mrs. Yip also said stay away from animals that are wild.
  5. She said you should be nice to other people too.

By Lina (Gr. 4)

  1. Mrs. Yip said that Mistral can run 40 km a hour. That was cool that Mistral can run that fast.
  2. She said that dogs have to be on a leash every where they go.
  3. Mistral has to get a needle so he doesn't get rabies.
  4. Dogs have to eat the right food if you give dogs not the right food they might get sick.
  5. Mrs. Yip said that dogs have to poop and you have to pick up the poop.

By Hudson (Gr. 3)

  1. I learned if you don't have your dog on a leash when you are walking him he or she could see a squirrel it could run away from you.
  2. I learned that you always have to bring a bag to pick up the dog's poo.
  3. I learned that you always have to give your pet's food and water.
  4. I learned if you see a lost dog you have to take it to the vet.
  5. I also learned that you have to get a chip in your dog in case he or she gets lost.

Gavin (Gr. 4)