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Map Instructions:
Click on icon in top left corner to open numbered list. Scroll down through list to find your member number. Click on member number to jump to SMILEY on map. Click on the SMILEY for detailed information.
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How To Find Your Smiley:

First, push Ctrl and F, on your keyboard, at the same time. Type your first name into the box and hit the Enter button. Once you have your smiley number, simply go to the map and your town or city in which your school is located. You may need to drag the map around and zoom in to see your smiley.

Smiley NumberNameSchoolTown/City
Smileys 1 - 400 are here.
0401MercedesGrafton P.S.Grafton
0402SimranGrafton P.S.Grafton
0403AvaGrafton P.S.Grafton
0404HannahGrafton P.S.Grafton
0405RileyGrafton P.S.Grafton
0406MiaGrafton P.S.Grafton
0407TaylorGrafton P.S.Grafton
0408HeatherGrafton P.S.Grafton
0409ThomasGrafton P.S.Grafton
0410TysonGrafton P.S.Grafton
0411BryleeGrafton P.S.Grafton
0412MakaylaEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0413MarcusEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0414SaifEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0415HarishaEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0416KeiraEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0417MakaEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0418RahimEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0419IsabelleEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0420WilliamEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0421AngieEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0422ChloeEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0423RahilEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0424BrandonEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0425WisamEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0426EliasEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0427SanamEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0428BlessingEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0429AmeerahEcole Clairlea P.S.Scarborough
0430MariaCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0431MeganCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0432EveCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0433BenCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0434MillerCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0435SofiaCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0436RylandCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0437SawyerCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0438GracieCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0439Gracie C.Camborne Public SchoolCobourg
0440TannerCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0441LiaCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0442AlexanderCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0443AdrianCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0444ZackCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0445IzikCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0446IsaacCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0447AbbyCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0448RobbieCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0449JuliaCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0450BriannaCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0451HaydenCamborne Public SchoolCobourg
0452AlexSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0453AmariSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0454NicoleSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0455FelizianaSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0456DavinSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0457ClaireSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0458MikhyacSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0459SydneySt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0460MatthiasSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0461ChristionSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0462ShyannSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0463ArielleSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0464KarinaSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0465DarwinSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0466MichaelSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0467DeclanSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0468AbigailSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0469DimitriSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0470Mae-LingSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0471JackSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0472EllaSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0473LilySt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0474KevonSt. Isaac Jogues C.S.Pickering
0475LoganVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0476NicholasVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0477CarterVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0478MadelineVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0479RebeccaVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0480MackenzieVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0481Owen D.Vincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0482Owen L.Vincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0483HeatherVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0484KevinVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0485AustynVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0486ChloeVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0487ZachVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0488RaeganVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0489Connor D.Vincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0490Connor T.Vincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0491OliviaVincent Massey P.S.Bowmanville
0492SerenaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0493AustinSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0494TiyanSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0495MasonSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0496KyleeSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0497LilySt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0498AishlingSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0499RhysSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0500KeeganSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0501EllaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0502HannahSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0503MalegaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0504EthanSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0505ColeSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0506TravisSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0507MakiaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0508JaxonSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0509JorjaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0510PaytonSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0511JuliaSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0512OrenSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0513NiamhSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0514AidenSt. Anthony's Catholic SchoolPort Hope
0515DesmondC. D. Farquharson P.S.Scarborough
0516AriksanGeorge B. Little P.S.Scarborough
0517IsabellaBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0518KyrhaBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0519CameronBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0520FemiBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0521NathanBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0522HughBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0523TristenBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0524RyleyBrooklin Village P.S.Brooklin
0525MayeiWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0526JustinWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0527LukeWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0528HamzaWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0529JahiemWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0530NikayaWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0531RohaanWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0532FateemaWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0533KameronWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0534HazaelWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0535MikeyWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0536AzariahWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0537LoganWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0538HannahWarden Ave. P.S.Scarborough
0539I'JahSt. Dominic Savio C.S.Scarborough
0540MaxwellRouge Valley P.S.Scarborough
0541AaronTrillium Elementary SchoolOrleans
0542OliviaTrillium Elementary SchoolOrleans
0543AveryTrillium Elementary SchoolOrleans
0544AudreyTrillium Elementary SchoolOrleans
0545NathanTrillium Elementary SchoolOrleans
0546AshlynBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0547HelenaBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0548LaylaBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0549SofiaBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0550IsaiahBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0551IsabellaBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0552OliviaBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0553IsabelleBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0554BradyBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0555BrianBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0556StewartBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0557TeaganBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0558CharlotteBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0559NaomiBlessed Pope John Paul II C.S.Brooklin
0560SadieGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0561ChristianGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0562BenGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0563EmmaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0564AidenGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0565TaylorGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0566BreGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0567GraceGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0568AbigailGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0569KaelGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0570SavannahGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0571JuliaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0572EvaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0573AryannaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0574JacobGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0575MakalaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0576AlexGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0577AvalonGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0578DaynaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0579ThuvarshiGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0580HarenJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0581AshanthJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0582KavijanJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0583RamulaJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0584NevaehJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0585ClaireElizabeth B. Phin P.S.Pickering
0586FarheenJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0587AdibJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0588SaharJohn McCrae P.S.Scarborough
0589EvetteGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0590AinnsleyGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0591EmilyGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0592RosieGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0593MorganGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0594JamesGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0595SydneyGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0596DougieGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0597SophiaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0598JaynaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0599LoganGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0600LokiGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0601ArdenGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0602SofiaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0603KeziaGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0604OwenGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0605ZanderGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0606PiersonGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0607Morgan P.Ganaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0608JaylynGanaraska Trail P.S.Port Hope
0609MaheenSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0610KeithSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0611ZackSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0612DeclanSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0613EvanSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0614PhoenixSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0615LukaSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0616GabrianSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0617JasonSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0618IzaiahSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0619MadelineSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0620KevinSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0621AlexisSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0622AnaraSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0623CameronSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0624JosieSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0625ZackarySunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0626EmilySunset Heights P.S.Oshawa
0627DonovanSunset Heights P.S.Oshawa