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How To Find Your Smiley:

First, push Ctrl and F, on your keyboard, at the same time. Type your first name into the box and hit the Enter button. Once you have your smiley number, simply go to the map and your town or city in which your school is located. You may need to drag the map around and zoom in to see your smiley.

Smiley NumberNameSchoolTown/City
Smileys 401 - 627 are here.
0001Brooke W.Fred C. CookBradford
0002Julian L.Beverly Glen P.S.Scarborough
0003TrystanPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0004NoahPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0005AndrewPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0006LiamPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0007KalePierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0008JacksonPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0009AustinPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0010AvaPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0011EmilyPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0012AshlynPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0013MayaPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0014GracePierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0015NataliaPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0016BrookePierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0017RebeccaPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0018HannahPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0019BiancaPierre Elliott Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0020KyleePrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0021TheoPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0022AnaisaPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0023CynthiaPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0024IsabellaPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0025ArmaniPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0026AdrianPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0027AlexisPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0028BriannaPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0029ElizabethPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0030HaoPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0031LucasPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0032Jor-JahPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0033JosephPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0034AngelinaPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0035ZariahPrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0036JasminePrince of Peace P.S.Ottawa
0037TysonLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0038ColeLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0039HodaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0040JessicaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0041DanaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0042EliasLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0043GracynLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0044RileyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0045WesleyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0046AlexxLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0047JayLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0048HaileyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0049SamanthaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0050VanessaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0051CodyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0052LeahLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0053DaniaLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0054SharlynLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0055MichaelLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0056AsittunLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0057JacobLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0058MaryumLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0059CyaraLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0060AshleyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0061AllieLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0062JocelynLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0063JahleelLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0064RyanLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0065RileyLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0066HunterLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0067KaylahLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0068MichaelLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0069JohnLakewoods P.S.Oshawa
0070Alex L.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0071Ryan B.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0072Halle S.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0073Cassius W.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0074Darius W.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0075Aniah J.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0076Dru B.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0077Emily D.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0078Ethan D.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0079Gabriella N.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0080Sadie C.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0081Logan M.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0082Abel B.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0083Coraddo G.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0084Harry W.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0085Josiah H.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0086Teomi S.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0087Aldo L.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0088Alic Ace G.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0089EmmaPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0090GraysonPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0091Malachi S.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0092IsabellaPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0093MahalPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0094AddisonPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0095IzzyPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0096AidenPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0097CameronPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0098KaileePringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0099TaylorPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0100PrishaPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0101ZamarPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0102AutumnPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0103EwanPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0104JakePringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0105NathanPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0106Noah S.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0107Jada M.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0108Lucas P.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0109Alyssa D.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0110Chloe D.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0111Lara C.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0112Nathan C.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0113Madelyn H.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0114Nicholas T.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0115Lauren M.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0116Savannah U.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0117GabrielaSt. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0118SabrinaSt. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0119LoganSt. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0120DylanSt. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0121SereniteeSt. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0122Justine C.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0123Jordan G.St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic SchoolPickering
0124Brady G.Baltimore Public SchoolBaltimore
0125OwenPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0126KeyairaPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0127SavannahPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0128DaniellePringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0129Kayla F.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0130JamesPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0131Shauna L.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0132EricPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0133Reyona G.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0134Kayla T.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0135GarvPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0136SkylarPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0137SydneyPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0138LiamPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0139Ciara D.Pringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0140DemetriPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0141BrynnPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0142LillianPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0143RyanPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0144SineadPringle Creek P.S.Whitby
0145JulianneBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0146AbigailBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0147HannahBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0148SamanthaBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0149KeiraBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0150MyaBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0151HunterBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0152CharlotteBlantyre P.S.Toronto
0153Kate S.Fairmount P.S.Scarborough
0154Olivia M.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0155KennedyMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0156JoyceMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0157Brianna T.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0158AleMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0159Brandon S.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0160TristanMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0161GraceMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0162Nathan B.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0163EthanMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0164MatthewMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0165LucasMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0166ChristianMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0167AbrahamMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0168Courtney B.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0169Emily N.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0170Cameron W.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0171Zachary B.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0172Kieran S.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0173Ainslee C.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0174Matthias K.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0175GrahamMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0176Jack M.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0177AllisonMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0178CarlosMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0179Aidan S.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0180Cole M.Mother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0181ErikaMother Teresa ElementaryCourtice
0182Ben H.Blantyre P.S.Toronto
0183Benjamin G.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0184Aila R.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0185Alicia G.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0186James B.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0187Addison B.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0188Ryan P.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0189Ethan R.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0190Matthew B.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0191Olivia M.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0192Halle R.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0193Katelyn T.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0194Ashley A.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0195Dylan M.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0196Dora A.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0197Alistair K.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0198Jack H.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0199Vincent L.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0200Lizzie C.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0201Grace S.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0202Kaelan R.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0203Kaitlan H.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0204Nathan B.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0205Flame P.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0206Amber O.Trillium E.S.Orleans
0207Rayden A.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0208Jordon K.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0209Michael L.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0210Morgon H.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0211Alexander C.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0212Rory M.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0213Weston M.Vincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0214EmaVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0215AnastasiaVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0216MayaVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0217IsabelleVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0218DanteVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0219TyVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0220Bailey-LaneVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0221EmilyVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0222EmersonVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0223NathanVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0224SathanaVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0225ArubaVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0226MacgwireVincent Massey P.S.Oshawa
0227KatrinaNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0228MiaNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0229Lucas M.Northumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0230EllaNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0231MarissaNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0232EmilyNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0233FaithNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0234SimonNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0235SydneeNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0236OwenNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0237VanceNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0238Lucas V.Northumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0239AshlynNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0240AbigailNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0241JaidanNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0242ShaylynnNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0243SummerNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0244PeytonNorthumberland Hills P.S.Castleton
0245Elijah W.Golf Rd Jr P.S.Scarborough
0246TharhatWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0247HamzaWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0248DevantaeWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0249JustinWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0250AkiemWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0251TyresseWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0252KhadejaWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0253RaadWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0254TharmeeWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0255SayeeWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0256IsraelWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0257HenilWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0258EvanWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0259TiannaWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0260CadenWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0261AydenJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0262TristynJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0263AlyssaJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0264SaraJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0265JaylenJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0266KaryJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0267RyanJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0268ClaraJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0269VictoriaJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0270ChristieJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0271ClaudiaJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0272JoshJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0273KaydenJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0274TeeganJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0275LukeJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0276XaiomiJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0277AndrewJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0278OwenJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0279NicholasJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0280WilliamJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0281EmilyJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0282NolanJohn M. James P.S.Bowmanville
0283TrinityLakeside P.S.Ajax
0284GraceLakeside P.S.Ajax
0285AlyssaLakeside P.S.Ajax
0286TroyLakeside P.S.Ajax
0287RayannaLakeside P.S.Ajax
0288OwenLakeside P.S.Ajax
0289KrisLakeside P.S.Ajax
0290PenelopeLakeside P.S.Ajax
0291CohenLakeside P.S.Ajax
0292SaritaLakeside P.S.Ajax
0293MadisonLakeside P.S.Ajax
0294Kaelan R.Lakeside P.S.Ajax
0295ZacharyLakeside P.S.Ajax
0296SethLakeside P.S.Ajax
0297JamesLakeside P.S.Ajax
0298EmmaLakeside P.S.Ajax
0299AmandaLakeside P.S.Ajax
0300LindseyLakeside P.S.Ajax
0301BriannaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0302MargaretSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0303LoganSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0304EmmaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0305JoeSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0306CamrenSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0307JackSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0308KeenanSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0309StephSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0310TuoyoSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0311JulianaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0312NikolasSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0313AndrewSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0314ColinSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0315MichaelSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0316AvalonSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0317DanielleSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0318MorganSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0319AnnieSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0320TheorySir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0321DesireeSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0322EmilySir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0323JessicaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0324GavinSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0325Maaha R.Brimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0326Ashwah A.Brimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0327Yuki C.Brimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0328AidanPierre Elliot Trudeau P.S.Oshawa
0329CordyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0330LindaR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0331CharlieR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0332Jack P.R.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0333IsisR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0334ShelbyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0335WesR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0336LolaR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0337RobbyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0338AbbyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0339DanielR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0340TonyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0341SierraR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0342PaolaR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0343Jack L.R.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0344KeseyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0345LiamR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0346HaydenR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0347LoganR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0348Addison W.R.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0349SayanneR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0350RydenR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0351AddisonR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0352RyleyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0353KimmieR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0354EvanR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0355PaigeR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0356DylanR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0357KaileyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0358ConnorR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0359DillanR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0360ConnorR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0361BrodieR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0362EmilyR.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0363Ethan S.R.F. Downey P.S.Peterborough
0364SamanthaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0365JaydennSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0366KarolinaSir Albert Love C.S.Oshawa
0367JadaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0368ShanzayBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0369ShanaeBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0370NaeemahBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0371AgathaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0372JaidenBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0373AndreaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0374ImaadBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0375SophiaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0376BalraajBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0377AdiyanBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0378NaishlaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0379NeilBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0380JenelleBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0381KarissaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0382ShantayBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0383JessicaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0384MithushaBrimwood Blvd. P.S.Scarborough
0385SaroniWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0386JetaiWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0387AriannaWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0388AbihayahWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0389CarlitoWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0390MarisaWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0391TiffanyWalter Perry Jr P.S.Scarborough
0392LaurenGrafton P.S.Grafton
0393CarsonGrafton P.S.Grafton
0394IsaacGrafton P.S.Grafton
0395TuckerGrafton P.S.Grafton
0396LiamGrafton P.S.Grafton
0397XavierGrafton P.S.Grafton
0398OwenGrafton P.S.Grafton
0399MaciGrafton P.S.Grafton
0400AndyGrafton P.S.Grafton